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  • Dogsrule77

    The Survivors Dogs

    September 22, 2015 by Dogsrule77

    Have you got attached to a charecter and then they were ended. :( I was reallysad when Firey Was ended. D: :(

    If the Erin Hunter team came to you and said, 'what deceased charecter from Survivors do you want to be back in the books, you can only say one dog' what wuld you say. (In the books the dog wuld come to the wild pack and be like, 'I just fell asleep and was hurt') What I am saing is what dog do you miss the most? Read more >
  • Dogsrule77

    Important Links Page

    July 30, 2015 by Dogsrule77

    Hello everyone! Great job on the Wiki! I can Se how strong it is getting, everyone is doing great! I am so happy with how are Wiki is going, it is detailed and has lots of great pages! I hope you are happy to! I hope you are all happy! Even the smallest edit helps the Wiki, so keep working hard and have fun! Now, about the Wiki pages. I see that There is a important links page. It is empty. I think that we should All come here and share ideas about what and how to make the page. :) Say everything you think may help, they will all help and start great ideas!

    What do you think? What are your ideas? Read more >
  • Dogsrule77


    July 24, 2015 by Dogsrule77

    I heard that Warriers and Seekers have a comic series. I hope Survivors gets one! Please let there be a comic series for Survivors! It wuld be very interesting, I really hope they have one. These are the dogs that I want to have a book in manga . Morningstar(how her life was with Blade) . Lucky(city days) . A Wild Pack book following Snap(the times where Lucky wuld leave the Wild Pack) . Spring(watching Wolf fight Black Eye) . Dagger(life being evil in the Fierce Dog Pack)

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    July 19, 2015 by Dogsrule77

    I think that in the series aqead there will be more ranks. When Wolf was in the Wild Pack, Sweet as Beta, Lucky wuld always notice Wolf, Sweet, and Fiery. There is a rank that is after Beta calls Delta. A Delta is lead Hunter and if enything happens to the Beta Delta will take his/her place. Fiery was pretty much Delta.

    Delta is Un popular becuse it dose not have the biggest job ever, but maybe one day the Wild Pack will have enemy wolves or something and the wolves wuld be like "Ha! You are no pack! You do not even have a Delta, and maybe they will end up calling a dog Delta. What I am really saying here is that Fiery was pretty much a Delta. And you know how Wolf is, if he knew about Delta, he wuld probably make his pack call Fiery Delta… Read more >
  • Dogsrule77

    Hello, this is Dogsrule77! I wnt to make a quiz for everyone to take so they can Se what charecter they are!

    You will need

    . Paper . Pen

    Some times you will se quiestons like this

    . Example

    What is your Favorate coler?

    A. Blue B. Green C. Orange D. Blue E. Yellow

    See how it repeated Blue? On your paper, let's say you want to pick blue, well there are 2 ( there will be quiestons that replete answers a few times) you will put A and D ( others to if more) Trust me it will work.
    These are the same answers
    A. Blue B. Blue

    These are Different

    A. Blue B. Blue I gusse

    Just making sure everyone understands

    1. What is the best rank for you as a pack dog
    A. Beta B. Hunter/Alpha, One of them C. Alpha D. Hunter E. Hunter F. Hunter G. Member... I guess H. A…

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