I think that in the series aqead there will be more ranks. When Wolf was in the Wild Pack, Sweet as Beta, Lucky wuld always notice Wolf, Sweet, and Fiery. There is a rank that is after Beta calls Delta. A Delta is lead Hunter and if enything happens to the Beta Delta will take his/her place. Fiery was pretty much Delta.

Delta is Un popular becuse it dose not have the biggest job ever, but maybe one day the Wild Pack will have enemy wolves or something and the wolves wuld be like "Ha! You are no pack! You do not even have a Delta, and maybe they will end up calling a dog Delta. What I am really saying here is that Fiery was pretty much a Delta. And you know how Wolf is, if he knew about Delta, he wuld probably make his pack call Fiery Delta. 
Also, there are Pup Siteres, and Dog Medics, Pup sitters wath the pups, and let's say Snap becomes a pup sitter, when the Mother-Dog and Father-Dog are Patroling or something (when the pups are Storms age by the end of Darkness Falls) Snap culd take them on her Origanal job, Hunting. And when there are no more young pups, she can hunt again. And Medic Dogs help hert dogs, when they are better they ga back to there ORIGANAL job. 
They already do the pup sitter and medic switch of thing, but just an idea. 

What do you think?

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