Hello, this is Dogsrule77! I wnt to make a quiz for everyone to take so they can Se what charecter they are!

You will need

. Paper . Pen

Some times you will se quiestons like this

. Example

What is your Favorate coler?

A. Blue B. Green C. Orange D. Blue E. Yellow

See how it repeated Blue? On your paper, let's say you want to pick blue, well there are 2 ( there will be quiestons that replete answers a few times) you will put A and D ( others to if more) Trust me it will work. 


These are the same answers
A. Blue
B. Blue

These are Different

A. Blue B. Blue I gusse

Just making sure everyone understands

1. What is the best rank for you as a pack dog

A. Beta
B. Hunter/Alpha, One of them
C. Alpha
D. Hunter
E. Hunter
F. Hunter
G. Member... I guess 
H. Alpha/Beta
I. Patrol Dog
J. Patrol Dog/Hunter
K. Alpha
2. Words that describe you are...
A. Clever, strong, loyal
B. Eager, intelligent, determined
C. Stoic, protective, respectful, loyal, smart
D. Kind, laid-back, strong, cleaver
E. Brave, inteligent, bossy, tricky
F. Strong, smart, loyal
G. Strong, proud, aggressive, short-temperd
H. Strong, protective, ruthless, trickey
I. Loyal, encouraging, fun
J. Gentle, protective, kind, loyal
K. Cleaver, swift, brave, agile
3. Someone Sid something mean to you, what do you do?

A. Depends, proble just ignore them 
B. I may snap at them on accident 
C. I'm not sure, ask them why they said that
D. I'm not sure, proble just walk away
E. I may snap at them on accident 
F. I am not sure
G. No one wuld dare to be mean to me
H. Challenge them, even if I am already a higher rank then them!
I. I'm not sure
J. I'm not sure
K. I'm not sure

4. Do others look up to you? 

A. Yes
B. Kinda
C. Yes
D. Kinda
E. Yes
F. Not really
G. I don't know and I don't care
H. They better
I. Maybe
J. Maybe
K. Yes

5. Pick one that spekes to you

A. Forest and earth
B. Earth and river
C. Forest and sky
D. Forest
E. Earth
F. Earth and sky
G. I don't know
H. Moon
I. Earth
J. Moon and Earth
K. Wind, sky and earth

6. Who do you trust
A. My pack, family
B. My pack, family
C. My family, leaders, my pack
D. My pack, leaders
E. My pack
F. Close dogs, family, that is it
G. Leader
H. Myself
I. My family and my pack
J. My family, pack
K. My pack, my leaders
7. How wuld you help your pack?

A. I am cleaver, so I can help with ideas
B. I am firece in battle
C. I am loyal, smart, strong
D. I will help hunt, I am great at that
E. Hunt
F. Strong
G. In a fight, no one will stand a chance
H. I am tricky and will do whatever it takes to survive
I. Fun, funny
J. I am a great lead Patrol Dog
K. I have leader skills
How will your Adult-Dog name be?
A. Strong, smart, lucky-like
B. Super strong, firce, smart
C. Strong, like Lightnings name
D. Happy, strong, nice
E. My Longpaws named me, I became a Wild Dog frome a Big Growl, witch forced all the Longpaws to run and leave me behind 
F. My Longpaws named me, I bacame a Wild Dog frome a Big Growl, witch forced all the Longpaws to run and leave me behind 
G. Strong attack dog
H. Strong, firce, fast
I. Though strong fast
J. Nice, fun
K. Fun, strong, nice

Most A - Lucky
Most B - Storm
Most C - Fiery
Most D - Snap
Most E - Bella
Most F - Bruno 
Most G - Fang
Most H - Wolf
Most I - Beetle
Most J - Moon
Most K - Sweet

Thank You for taking my quiz, be sure to say who you got in the comments!

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