hi survivor fans. I finally managed to get onto my original account. Ok, so survivors needs more love. So first, you have to agree. Read on if you do

Ok, so we can`t just go into the warriors wiki chat and force them on this wiki. That is plain rude! But, we could go onto other wikis about dogs and inform people about this. If you agree, you have to make it work. The right thing to do is to post a blog, go on chat, add a page with the link. I do not know how to link. So you would do it. We could also tell friends about survivors and this wiki. That is a good idea, isn`t it? I think so. Wikia is a great place to do it. Or I should say, survivors wiki. Did you know on warriors wiki, you could cross over to this wiki? That would help. After all, warriors is like survivors in a way.

Reading this blog would be great to help. Feel free to comment below. Comment your ideas and thoughts about this. Bye!

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