So, these will be the books put in order that are released so far.


Books in Order:

Alpha's Tale - The past of a poorly named dog/wolf hybrid who decides to create a pack of dogs

Moon's Choice - The dog/wolf hybrid has made a Wild Pack and has very few members, outsiders join the Pack

The Empty City - The Big Growl hits, Lucky and Sweet are left for dead, they escape, but Sweet leaves Lucky. An other group of dogs are traveling together called the Leashed Dogs, Lucky; the protagonist becomes their survival guide and reunites with his sister.

Sweet's Journey - Sweet; a once cowardly dog becomes the confident Beta of the Wild Pack

A Hidden Enemy - The Wild Pack and Leashed Dogs clash. Sweet and Lucky reunite.

Darkness Falls - The two Packs combine; Lucky is banished, but returns with three Fierce Dog pups, he becomes the Omega, one gets killed, one goes off with the antagonist, and one stays.

The Broken Path - One of the Pack members go missing.

The Endless Lake - They return to the Pack, Alpha betrays the Pack and joins Blade's gang, Sweet becomes the Alpha, Lucky becomes her Beta

Storm of Dogs - The Wild Pack gets together with Twitch's Pack and they fight Blade's Gang together, Twitch decides to combine his Pack with Sweet's.

(and the more books release, the more I'll edit this)

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