Toss/Flight's begining

The pup was known as Toss. Toss laid down, her paws covering her ears as her litter mates continue to chatter. Her nose dug in deep, her tail flicked. The fawn

This is the real version c:

 herd-dog was the 'cast out' dog. Her pelt was different from the others but her mother-dog told Toss that atleast when pups are born, one has a different fur. Toss still tucked between her front legs snorted and decided to get up. Her longpaws were kind, indeed, letting them get near the fire though. Not very kind when a pup burns. Thought Toss and she sniffed the air walking away from her Pup Pack slowly. She had two litter-sisters, and one litter-brother. Her longpaws lived on a grassy field, it was cold at night. Toss would stiffen at the thought of a wolf. She went into the room of food. Where her doggy bowl laid with three others. Toss felt a little bad for her litter-brother, Jump. He was the one of the two male dogs in her family. She continued forward with bouncing paws as she head toward the dish, she started eating the kibble. Toss did not like this 'kibble.' She rather prefer the pigears given to her and her family. Except, every dog prefered pigears. Toss moved her head out of the bowl for a moment and licked her chops, than yawned. She digged back in, going back out to her Pup Pack. Jump raced toward her and licked her ear, "come, Toss!" He yipped loudly. The young pup raced away and Toss went after him. When she tried to stop, she skidded. Knocking herself into the wall, fallen. She got back up straight. Shaking her head side to side, she walked, the house of wood was slippery indeed, well to Toss it was. "Mother-dog has something to tell us!" Her litter-sister, Mini whispered with a huff to Toss. Mother-dog sat and gazed at her paws to her pups with sorrowful eyes. Toss dipped her head to the side and wondering what was going on. Mini sat beside her and so did Jump, her other litter-sister, Fast, sat alone. "Hey Fast, want to sit with us?" Asked Toss with a beg. Fast just nodded and walked toward the staring pups and sat beside Mini. The gaze of their mother-dog glanced at the side. "Well, my beautiful pups." She whimpered and looked into their eyes, one by one. "We will be seperated, you puppies will be taken away from longpaws." Barked the mother-dog. At once all dogs started whimpering and crying, though Toss just looked up, her eyes watering. She didn't make a sound though, "bye my Pup Pack." She whispered into the unseen sky and glanced down. The other dogs were still complaining, and now Toss was the one sitting alone.

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