• Hollytuft

    Survivors Early Settlers

    December 12, 2015 by Hollytuft

    Hi! Well, shouldn`t Survivors have early settlers like Warriors? Let me explain, some of you might not have read warriors. The Early Settlers were cats who first made the Clans. For example, Tall Shadow is an early settler.

    So more people can get the series. Survivors might be very popluar on and Barnes And Nobles, but the series would sell at more places then.

    Survivors could get a movie on this, because it would have a second series. And everyone wants a movie? Right?

    Survivors might also get more series. It would be great! Plus, it would add a series to Survivors.

    You know what, it would also help this wiki! It would have our wiki more populated, and more Survivors fans attracted!

    There should be a Dawn Of The Packs series.

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  • Hollytuft

    A Survivors Movie

    November 18, 2015 by Hollytuft

    In my opinion, this would be great. Sadly, I think Warriors is going to get a movie first. :( I also like warriors, but a Survivors would be great!

    Anyway, lets start!

    Survivors needs more fans. Seriously. This would get more fans. It would be great if it became a series on the TV! But there are a LOT of reasons for that.

    The movie would bring more fans, have Survivors populated, make something new for us to watch, (instead of just like MLP, Pokémon, etc.) Anyway, this would be great!

    Tell me in the comments, do you agree? Do you think this would help? Here`s a link to something else that would populate survivors: User Blog: Hollytuft/Something To Help This Wikia Bye!

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  • Hollytuft

    Hi everyone. There is something new that Wikia has to help our wiki. It`s called Spotlights/Spotlighting/Spotlight.

    Here is some information:

    Wikia Spotlights are images that appear on each Wikia page that link to other Wikia sites. The spotlights are created by Wikia staff and run for a few weeks.

    Although most of the spotlighted wikias are chosen by Wikia staff, Wikia users can also request a spotlight for any wikia by adding a request to the talk page. If you are not an administrator for the wikia but you wish to spotlight, please discuss it with the local administrators first and provide a link to the conversation as part of your request. They will be responsible for handling any influx of new contributors and need to be ready and willing …

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  • Hollytuft

    Been Inactive

    October 4, 2015 by Hollytuft

    I`ve gone inactive for the last few days, but now I`m back! I was at a Slumber Party, then I had to go on a boat. But I`ll be active again now! I`ll be active as I can!

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  • Hollytuft

    Tales From The Packs

    September 29, 2015 by Hollytuft

    If Pup narrowed his yellow eyes against the sun dazzle on the snow, he could imagine he was stalking a great deer. He moved through the trees like a shadow, placing his pads carefully so as not to crunch exposed pine needles. One paw raised, he froze, pricking an ear forward. An icy breeze blew his prey`s scent to his nostrils, rippling his mane of fur, which was almost as thick now as an adult wolf`s. Pup lowered his muzzle, snuffing silently at the crust of snow. Soon it`ll be a real deer, he thought, or even a Giantfur. I could take care of either of them. He was close to becoming a full adult of the Pack. Then he would bring down huge prey with his comrades. This is how I`ll stalk. This is how I`ll defend us all against the bite of the long…

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