Chapter one: Alpha`s tale

If Pup narrowed his yellow eyes against the sun dazzle on the snow, he could imagine he was stalking a great deer. He moved through the trees like a shadow, placing his pads carefully so as not to crunch exposed pine needles. One paw raised, he froze, pricking an ear forward. An icy breeze blew his prey`s scent to his nostrils, rippling his mane of fur, which was almost as thick now as an adult wolf`s. Pup lowered his muzzle, snuffing silently at the crust of snow. Soon it`ll be a real deer, he thought, or even a Giantfur. I could take care of either of them. He was close to becoming a full adult of the Pack. Then he would bring down huge prey with his comrades. This is how I`ll stalk. This is how I`ll defend us all against the bite of the long cold.

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