aka Leafwhisker

  • I live in Why do you care? K, I'll tell you: No where. Jk, I live in LightningClan
  • My occupation is Writing fanfics
  • I am Leafwhisker, loyal warrior of LightningClan
  • LeafandHornet

    Storm's Mate

    April 15, 2017 by LeafandHornet

    Ok, so in Storm's page, in the Trivia it says that she may have a mate from some new dog. And in all of Lucky and Bella's littermate's pages, the Trivia says they may be seen in the newer books. So, could Storm's new mate be Yip, Snip, or Yowl?

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  • LeafandHornet

    First Blog post

    November 11, 2016 by LeafandHornet

    I'm going to put in my created packs in my blog posts, just to let everyone know! :)

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