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==Community Messages Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki== Hello Guest, welcome to Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki.Welcome to Survivors by Erin Hunter Wiki, we strive to be the best resource for the Survivors series written by Erin Hunter.


Blue11pk: Founder ~ Message Wall

Flight222: Bureaucrat ~ Message Wall

ReikoMango: Admin ~ Message Wall

Mapleclaw: Discussions Moderator ~ Message Wall

Dogsrule77: Rollback ~ Message Wall

For more information on the staff, please see here


Please be sure to read all of the rules of this wiki, and consider them as you edit here. Also, please make sure to follow the Manual of Style while editing.

Community Rules

Blog Rules

Commenting Rules

Editing Rules

Image Policy

For more general information on the community, please see the Community Portal.


If you wish to help with adding content to the wiki, a good place to start would be to join one of the projects!

Project Characters ~ Works on completing the histories of the characters listed in the Survivors Series

Project Books ~ Dedicated to writing the book pages and chapter subpages for the Survivors books

Project Terms ~ Filling in the histories, definitions, and definitions of creatures, objects, places, and other withing the Survivors World

Project Userboxes ~ Creating Userboxes to place on one's userpage


Considering the short time period that the wiki has been around for, there are many articles with lots of needed work. A great way to help out with the wiki would be to edit the stub pages, or pages with major content that needs to be written.

(in the final draft i'm thinking that this could be in a seperately coded box)

==Current Announcements: None==

Lastly, a particular thanks should be sent out to those users who played a major role in contributing to the wiki. To see these former staff and editors, please see this page.

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