Ok, so I had this idea where we/each individual user could make a New Year's Resolution for the Wiki. Even though they never happen

Well anyways tbh, this wiki needs lots of work. Of course, it's I think 3? years old, so that is quite understandable, but a large majority of the character articles (including all of the major characters in the series), lots of the terms, and lots of the books need lots of improvement. And the amount of stubs is kind of scary. Ugh, I hate stubs.But because it's hard to make goals for a whole year, I thought that we could make a new tradition where one member of the staff creates blog post each month where users comment what some of their goals for the Wiki are for that month. May I start?

Okay, so my goals for this month are to:

  • Finish Snip, Yip, Yowl, Mother-Dog, and Lucky's Longpaws, and bring all of the pages to silver, if not gold.
  • Write the history for Mace and Dagger, in The Endless Lake and Storm of Dogs
  • Write the character appearances from The Empty City for most (if not all) characters who appear in that book
  • Create and finish article for Lucky and Bella's Pup Pack
  • Finish all character appearances from Alpha's Tale, Moon's Choice, and Sweet's Journey that haven't been written yet.
  • Grade at least half of the finished articles in PC
  • Work on organizing/creating to-do list for PB
  • Write the appearances of all Spirit Dogs for TEL, and maybe SOD

Okay, that seems like enough. Eeek, I hope I can finish them all. What are your goals for this month on the wiki?

Mapleclaw 01:46, January 1, 2016 (UTC)

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