If you haven't read Into the Shadows yet, you might not want to read this post. 

In Into the Shadows, after Arrow is put dow multiple times, he decides to leave, and Bella leaves with him. Storm sleepwalks one night and ends up in their new camp. Bella is excited to see her and thinks she left to join them (and I wish she did) but Storm tells her and Arrow that she sleepwalks. Later on, after being saved from a coyote attack by Storm and Lucky , Bella and Arrow decide to leave. Bella reveals she is expecting Arrow's pups, and wants them to grow up somewhere safe. They leave right away, heading for the hills, and Lucky and Storm are very sad to see them go. 

I was even sadder than both of them. I hope that they will get a Super Edition, if Erin Hunter decides to make Super Editions for the survivors series, and it will be in Bella's PoV. So those are my thoughts, please tell me yours in the comment section below! Thank you for reading this!