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  • I live in you dont wanna know
  • I was born on August 29
  • My occupation is expresso depresso
  • I am they/them
  • Pastelpill

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY EVERYONE! I want to thank ReikoMango, Mapleclaw and other admins/staff for guiding us through the wiki! This is really awesome, this wiki, this everything!


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  • Pastelpill

    Alright, you guys really liked the last blog, so here is part 2, where we are gonna compare Lucky's situations with real life, but first, I thought that the question that is the pount of this was asked by every fan? No, not really, right? I guess I was wrong.

    Situation 1 - caught by Fierce Dogs = Well, imagine that your friends were caught by someone, but instead of calling cops (pack) you go there on your own. You hide well, and you decide to sacrifice yourself so your friends are saved. Good job, you distraught them, your friends escaped! But the kidnappers are going after you. You do the right thing, hurt their leader! You managed to trick them and ran away. Now lets compare it. Lucky should've called his pack in the first place. Second…

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  • Pastelpill

    Hello! My name is Pumpkintail, but feel free to call me Pumpkin (or does that makes me sound fat?). I decided to make my first blog about Lucky (big surprise!). So, here we go:

    So, to start with, look at the title of the blog. I named this blog that way because I dont think that Lucky is lucky at all. At first, he was abused by his longpaw (OMG I almost said Twoleg there). Luckily, he managed to escape. Yeah, so he was pretty lucky. But then he got caught by longpaws to traphouse (shelter) and when The Big Growl striked, he was in his cage with no way to escape. But he still managed to survive, along with his friend Sweet. Then he met his former longpaw (I think, I still didn't figure out that part), which was good to make his last moments b…

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