Hello! My name is Pumpkintail, but feel free to call me Pumpkin (or does that makes me sound fat?). I decided to make my first blog about Lucky (big surprise!). So, here we go:

So, to start with, look at the title of the blog. I named this blog that way because I dont think that Lucky is lucky at all. At first, he was abused by his longpaw (OMG I almost said Twoleg there). Luckily, he managed to escape. Yeah, so he was pretty lucky. But then he got caught by longpaws to traphouse (shelter) and when The Big Growl striked, he was in his cage with no way to escape. But he still managed to survive, along with his friend Sweet. Then he met his former longpaw (I think, I still didn't figure out that part), which was good to make his last moments better, but also brought sad memories. Then, Sweet left him, so he was alone again. Then he got to the mall, where he met Old Hunter and after some quarreling, they shared food. Then, he was attacked by foxes and almost got really wounded, but Bella and leashed dogs saved him, which led to is reunion with Bella. Then he had to take o as alpha of the leashed dog pack and train them how to survive in wild. He also got caught by fierce dogs because of Bella's stubborness, which started the whole quarrel with fierce dogs. Too bad.

He finally left Bella and co., only to find out that Alfie is dead and the pack had to move. Then he was persuaded by Bella to spy on the wild pack. He lied to the wild pack, was forced to trick Alpha and the whole pack and make Mulch omega, only to find out that he was tricked too by nobody else then Bella. He was later banished from the pack and found Storm (Lick back then), Fang (Grunt back then) and Wiggle. He became omega and even as omega, he still had respect of some dogs in the pack. He was betrayed by Bella and the others, but he got over it, becoming Sweet's mate, fathering her pups, and even becoming Beta of the wild pack! There are not too many dogs who would do so.

So, is Lucky lucky in your opinion, or is he and an absolute idiot with bad luck stench all over him? I will let you to decide.

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