Alright, you guys really liked the last blog, so here is part 2, where we are gonna compare Lucky's situations with real life, but first, I thought that the question that is the pount of this was asked by every fan? No, not really, right? I guess I was wrong.

Situation 1 - caught by Fierce Dogs = Well, imagine that your friends were caught by someone, but instead of calling cops (pack) you go there on your own. You hide well, and you decide to sacrifice yourself so your friends are saved. Good job, you distraught them, your friends escaped! But the kidnappers are going after you. You do the right thing, hurt their leader! You managed to trick them and ran away. Now lets compare it. Lucky should've called his pack in the first place. Second, ne was very brave there, yet foolish. Honestly, better plan was to die. This might seem a bit overrated, but think about it. If he died, the Fierce Dogs might never discover the hole in the fence. But who would kill himself? Even Lucky can't predict the future.

Situation 2 - divided loyalities = sometimes, our friends just become mad at each other and you need to choose a side. If one of the friends is your sister and the second is your potentional enemy, the choice is not hard at all. Yet, its true that in real life, your siste wouldn't let you spy on the second guy, considering the facts that rifts like that don't exist in real life.

Situation 3 - in the traphouse = this might seem a bit weird, but if you are held somewhere (like prison, for example) and earthwuake starts out of nowhere, you will probably panic and there is a very slight chance of surviving. But Lucky and Sweet still managed to even free themselves, yet in real life, if dog was trapped on a cage after an earthquake, it would be a certain death without humans.

Alright, that is the very end. Now, my final outcome is that Lucky IS pretty lucky, or at least I think so. Anyways, tellme in the comments if there were any grammar mistakes, and what is your favorite dog breed? Bye, see you next time!

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