Unofficial Wikia Rules


Make no mistake, this is not official. However, it is a list of rules based off of what I've seen on the wikia. It just seems convenient to condense them into one post to redirect new members to so they can avoid silly mistakes that they just didn't know about. If you notice something off about these rules, would like to pitch a suggestion, or have a question, feel free to comment below. 

Wikia Editing Rules

  1. On character articles, use only official U.S character art that is confirmed to be that character. 
  2.  On the character articles especially, put images ONLY in the character boxes using the box template. 
  3. Bias is not encouraged on character articles. This includes describing Storm as an "awesome Doberman" or claiming Lucky is a "great dog." 
  4. Noting back to #3, do not edit an article to remove accurate information you may not like simply because it about your favorite character. 
  5. Be sure you are making a neccessary page to the wikia when creating new pages.
  6. If someone edits or undoes your edit with good reason, do not edit it back unless you'd like to personally talk to the opposing editor.  We'd like to avoid edit wars
  7. Please cite any new information regarding a character's appearance or trivia. Don't know how to cite? See below the page for information on citing. 
  8. Do not create any chapter pages until a book has been released. {source }
  9. Do not add a character page to a book character category until the book has been released.{source }
  10. More to be determined...

Common Mistakes

  1. Words such as "Pack" should be capitilized and words such as Fierce-Dogs and Swift-Dogs should have their respective hyphens with proper capitilization.    
  2. Make sure to italicize and link books underneath book appearance for character infoboxes.
  3. Underneath current status for dogs, it should be Alive, not Living. For dead characters, it should be Deceased (how they died){cite}.
  4. Put Spoiler Warnings at the very top of the page. 
  5. Be sure to check for grammar, spelling or punctuation mistakes before saving. 
  6. More to be determined... 


Don't know how to cite? The way you cite is by the following. {Remove spaces}

  • Find the page of the information.
  • Know which abbreviation to use:
    • The Empty City - TEC
    • A Hidden Enemy - AHE
    • Darkness Falls - DF
    • The Broken Path - TBP
  • See a pattern? You should be able to do this with each book. 
  • { { r | (BOOK ABBREVIATION) | (PAGE # FOUND) } }
    • It should look something like this:
      • { { r | TEC | 288 } } 
    • For Pack Lists, you put "PL" at the end of the abbreviations.
      • { { r | AHEPL | } } 
  • Go in Source Editor to put a cite behind the information. 
  • Hope that helps! 

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