What's nice about Storm in the series is the moral of the story behind it. Since Storm is a Fierce Dog, that lands her underneath doberman, rottweilers, pit bulls e.i. Fighting dogs. Throughout the Broken Path and the Endless Lake, Storm is constantly proving that being a Fierce Dog does not dictate who she is or how she acts. In essence, she is in control of who she is. Not only do I like this character, but her story holds moral value for some of our more current issues in real life. 

Currently there is an argument revolving around pit bulls (and similar breeds) being legalized or allowed for their nature and breed. The argument is that these dogs are aggressive and should be banned. But I like to think of it as interpretive. According to those who defend pit bulls, it depends on the owner and the dog has potential to be a good dog. In the story, Lucky could almost be equivalent ot a loving owner or figure that trained Storm. In the end, Storm wronged those who treated her as a monster, yet she shows short temperament that could be associated with all Fierce Dogs. 

I don't know. I wonder if the authors intended on writing Storm this way or maybe it's just a concidence that I caught? 

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