I just thought about it and I wonder why neutering in dogs isn't mentioned in the Survivors universe. According to the ASPCA statistics, "83% of pet dogs and 91% of pet cats are spayed or neutered." Now, you would think that most of the full grown Leashed Dogs would be neutered, but this isn't reflected at all really in the universe. 

In the Warriors books, Rusty is warned by Bluestar of the Cutter. It's introduced that some cats are aware of neutering in domestic felines. We have all these shippings with the Leashed Dogs but will they ever have puppies? Mickey would probably not be neutered(because he's a farm dog and seems sort've more rural) but what about Bella, Sunshine and the others? Martha is such a motherly dog. I'm wondering whether this is just a fact that won't be mentioned at all or if this universe of Survivors is a bit different from ours!

Make no mistake. I don't care if my shipping never has a cute adorable family of puppies. Doesn't mean they can't be mates :)  

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