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Recently, we have made a facebook account to ask Gillian questions about Survivors. This post lists the questions the community would like answered. Feel free to suggest some. 

1. Do you know what Lazslo Kubinyi illustrates in the Survivors series?

2. Is Lucky the dog behind Alpha to our left on the cover of A Hidden Enemy (might want to post a picture as reference)

3. Who are all of the dogs shown on the cover of Darkness Falls? Are the Fierce Dogs ones that we know of, or just ordinary fierce dogs? (might want to post a picture of the cover)

4. Confirmation that Black Rain is Acid Rain


Confirmation for the following terms:
  • Longpaws are humans
  • Loudcages are cars
  • Floatcages are boats
  • Food Houses are restaraunts
  • Loudbirds are helicopters
  • Coldboxes are refrigerators
  • Sharpclaws are cats
  • Mountain Sharpclaws are Mountain lions
  • Giantfurs are bears
  • Long light is Summer
  • Red Leaf is Autumn/Fall
  • Ice Wind is Winter
  • Tree Flower is Spring
  • Growl is an earthquake

VERDICT: All terms are correct. What gender is Snip? Male

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