Out of the three Erin Hunter series: Warriors, Seekers, and Survivors, it seems that Survivors gets the short end of the stick! In the Wild Games event back on the WCF forums (haha, anyone remember that "thread appreciation" fiasco a couple days ago?) , Survivors got last place


Lots of people claimed that the Survivors series was just trying to be another Warriors but for dogs. A lot of people didn't pick it up just because it was about dogs! I think that the Survivor series is under appreciated. It's often compared harshly to the other series, when it has only started the second series! :) 

Basically I'm asking for you to list something you like about the Survivor series and why you like it! I ask that you do not bring up comparing the other book series onto this blog, just so we avoid any arguments :) 

Or to at least not comment on how you like the other series more than Survivors, which defeats the purpose of this blog and basically spitting in my face haha. Even if you like Warriors and Seekers more, take the time not to comment how much more you like Survivors, but a little sentence on why it's a nice stand-alone series. 

I'll start: 

I appreciate Survivors because of the unique characters and bonds you grow with each Leashed Dog and Wild Dogs. It's pacing is nice and it isn't a book that ridiculously censors itself for fear of too much violence. 

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