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    Hello, Survivors fans! I decided to make a blog on what I think will happen in the next series. So, I re-read that plot of A Pack Divided and this is what I came up with.

    First up, pairings. From readin the sneak peek, I could tell that Storm is one of the few dogs who cares for Arrow. So they will probably become mates (but not soon, that's for sure) with each other. Another ship: Daisy and Whisper. In SoD, Daisy seemed to show affection to Whisper, and maybe Storm will realize that Whisper is growing attached to her and tell him that she is not the right dog for him. Then, he and Daisy will start to grow close. Now, I have this gut feeling that Beetle and Thorn will have mates, but I don't know which dogs to pair them up with. I guess we'…

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  • Shadowstarz

    Okay, so this is my first blog. So, I know I will have a lot of disagreements on my opinion, but I'm wondering if there could be artists who draw the Survivors characters, just like on Warriors Wiki. But because dogs vary in shape more than cats, we could just draw our own. There would be a project for it, of course, and members. And there would also be an approval page where we give critical comments to improve the artwork. After that, they just get posted to the character pages once the are approved. The reason I am saying this is because half of the pages would just have paw prints as their photos. And it would help improve this wiki lots. Now, there is a chance this could get deleted, but I want you to at least read this and consider h…

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