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  • Skaithewolf

    I was curious. I know Sweet's mother was mentioned a few times in A Pack Divided, so should there be an article for her? I know she's a very minor character and is only mentioned, so I wasn't sure.

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  • Skaithewolf

    I was bored, so I thought I would post a topic about Survivors pairings/shippings. If you don't know what shipping is, it's when people pair up two characters and believe they should be in a relationship.

    Here are mine:

    Lucky x Sweet

    Arrow x Storm

    Fiery x Moon

    Wolf  x Calamity

    Whisper x Daisy

    Mickey x Snap

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  • Skaithewolf

    Hello, Survivors fans! I thought I would post who I think is on each cover. I won't be doing A Pack Divided or any of the novellas. I will be going left to right.

    TEC: Bruno, Martha, Lucky, Sunshine, Mickey, Bella

    AHE: Lucky, Wolf, Sweet, Fiery, Mulch

    DF: Moon, Fiery, Wolf, Martha, Lick, Blade, Mace, Lucky

    TBP: Fiery, Lucky, Twitch, Martha

    TEL: Blade, Storm, Wolf, Lucky, Moon, Dart, Sunshine

    SOD: Blade, Lucky, Storm, Beetle, Mace

    What do you think? Do you agree/disagree with my list?

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  • Skaithewolf

    I wasn't sure if I should do this or not, which is why I'm asking.

    I was thinking I could create a page about pack ceremonies, like the pup naming ceremony, the Beta ceremony, etc. Do you guys think it's a good idea? I thought it would be a good reference for people in Survivors role-plays to use and for people who are curious how some ceremonies work. Of course, I might have to add a spoiler warning because of stuff like the secret part of the Beta ceremony.

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