Snowstripe the Fierce

aka Ari

  • I live in the United States of America
  • I was born on October 14
  • My occupation is Lord of Salamandastron, Spear King, Abla General
  • I am Male
  • Snowstripe the Fierce

       Small woke up to the sound of thunder. He whined and nudged closer to Mother-Dog. The huge black dog woke up and calmed him down. "There, there. It's just Lightning and the Sky-Dogs fighting again as they always do. They never mean to hurt eachother." "But what if they wak up the Earth Dog, and the Moon Dog, and the River Dog, and they all start to fight and mean it?" Small asked. "The Earth Dog is to busy tking care of us to fight," she responded, "and The Moon Dog is very high in the sky, it would hard to wake him. The River Dog will just flow away to another place if it is woken. go back to sleep, little one." Small accidentally kicked his littermate Quiet. "Hey, stopkicking me and go to sleep!" she growled half-heartedly. Small turn…

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