Small's littermates and their mother

   Small woke up to the sound of thunder. He whined and nudged closer to Mother-Dog. The huge black dog woke up and calmed him down. "There, there. It's just Lightning and the Sky-Dogs fighting again as they always do. They never mean to hurt eachother." "But what if they wak up the Earth Dog, and the Moon Dog, and the River Dog, and they all start to fight and mean it?" Small asked. "The Earth Dog is to busy tking care of us to fight," she responded, "and The Moon Dog is very high in the sky, it would hard to wake him. The River Dog will just flow away to another place if it is woken. go back to sleep, little one." Small accidentally kicked his littermate Quiet. "Hey, stopkicking me and go to sleep!" she growled half-heartedly. Small turned the other way, facing his mother. He curled back up and closed his eyes.

Chapter One

 Small knocked over a shiny longpaw container and looked inside of it. He turned his head back in disgust. The smell was awful, and there was the body of a rat in it. He pawed away the rat's carcass and dug into the waste. He soon found an old limb from a dead animal and carried it away. It was wrapped in a weird substance, much like tree bark. The limb had a bite taken out of it, but he didn't care. He tore away the wrapping and started to gnaw on it. It tasted fine, not that he had tasted any better. It had been a few moons snce he and his littermates left his mother, and he had tried to use every tip his mother had taught him. He was the runt of the litter, and all his littermates  were bigger han him. But since he was so light, he was the fastest. Only his littermate Squirm could come close to him. Just as he was eating, a coyote limped up to him. He was going to growl, but he realzed the poor creature was bleeding on one leg and seemed to be quite old. He pawed the leftover meat to the coyote. The creature nodded in gratitude and sat down where he was.

 "Great. I've done it again." Small said to himself. His mother had always told him he was to sympathetic for his on good. She had said that in this world, you need to take every chance at a meal you can get. You never know know when you'll be able to eat again. Spying a squirrel, he dashed to it, jumping on it before it could get away. With a bite to the neck, it was killed. He hid in an alleyway and ate his catch. It wasn't near as big as the limb he found in the container was, but it would keep him going for a while.He noticed the sun was startng to go down. Checking that no one knew his position, he curled up and slept.

In the morning he hadn't found anything to eat. At noon Small had found a measly mouse, but it was so thin and hungry it couldn't get away. He didn't catch anything else that day. "If only I hadn't given away that limb to that no-good coyote." he thought to himself.


Small looking for food.

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