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    May 21, 2013 by Sorrelflower

    I've been looking at several articles, and I've realized that their infoboxes are not in order; some sections are either not on other ones or are in the wrong place, like - Let's take Sweet and Whine for example. Both have different box titles and info. So I'm thinking we actually set an order for them:

    First: Current/Previous Status

    Second: Family

    Third: General Infomation (info will be Breed and Gender)

    Fourth: Book Appearences

    Fifth: Alias

    I'll just make up a random dog; let's pretend its a random one called Sammy. It'll look like this. >>>

    Obviously, it would look different with the blanks filled in.

    If someone thinks of something to add or change, comment it.

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  • Sorrelflower


    March 11, 2013 by Sorrelflower
    Note Please note: This blog is out of date and we have a new way to make references.

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  • Sorrelflower


    August 22, 2012 by Sorrelflower

    Ok, the wiki needs more contirbutors and admins as I can't handle EVERYTHING. For one thing I won't be able to read the first book for a while as the internet is expensive (10 quid for a book??) and it takes ages to be shipped and another is that my local WHsmith and Waterstones only have seekers books form the first series and warrior books from the first ond series - so Survivors isn't likely to be released for AGES. Plus I don't go on this wiki often unless I have messages. And I don't know how to make people admins so whoever wants to be one had better ask the founder of the wiki to make them one. Caio!

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  • Sorrelflower

    Dog blanks

    June 29, 2012 by Sorrelflower
    Note Please note: This blog is out of date and we have a new way to make references.

    Might I suggest that the following picture below -

    Will be used for characters (dogs) whose pictures/descriptions are unknown or currently unknown? Like the Warriors wiki does with the StarClan sign saying NO IMAGE for cats from the guides whose's descriptions have not been announced?

    Do consider it and reply ASAP.

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