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About 'The Darkest Hour' (warriors)

Swanfur June 2, 2014 User blog:Swanfur

I am doing a review on The Darkest Hour, though it is Warriors. I honestly think the Erin's did amazingly well on it. I love the detail when Tigerstar was killed, when they described how Scourge was introduced to Firestar, and I loved the picture in my mind when Brackenfur thought out loud that they had stolen Tawnypaw. I love The Darkest Hour alot. It just amazed me how the Erin's could do it. They have inspired my very much that I have started writing short stories on what happened after The Darkest Hour. It just amazed me the descriptions and time they put into making this book, they should be very proud of themselves right now. They have contented many people around the world with the books they read. Survivors, Warriors, and Seekers have made countless people smile!

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