• Timewhisker

    I have to go

    October 18, 2015 by Timewhisker

    Hey guys, I know this seems sudden, I need to leave this Wiki. Right now, I am going through a technology withdrawal and it's been painful for me. However, I'm going to be a much happier person because of it. I may come back again, but it may be years before that happens. Who knows? If anyone who would like to help this Wiki sees this blog, here is the Wiki needs:

    The Character boxes need to be fixed and maybe look like this:

    Someone who understands the coding for the polls and won't make a mistake when they put it with the past polls.

    Someone who edits the front page for the best of the Wiki.

    Flight, you are the full Alpha of this Wiki if you wish. And thank you so much for contributing to the W…

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  • Timewhisker

    In this blog, you chose any character you want and think of a costume best suited for them (including characters who already have a costume). You can also bring characters who aren't on this list.

    Alpha (also known as Sweet)
    Beta (also known as Lucky)
    Storm, wears a witch hat
    Whisper, has a white bedsheet over him
    Moon, wears a witch hat
    Chase, a candy corn costume
    Omega (also known as Sunshine)
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  • Timewhisker

    Merging Two Articles

    October 14, 2015 by Timewhisker

    Just a heads up so anyone doesn't freak out. ^_^ I want to merge two articles: Survivors: The Original Series and Survivors: The Gathering Darkness into one. It will look a lot like this article on the Warriors Wiki: It will also include the e-books.

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  • Timewhisker

    Hey everyone, thank you for voting whether there should be a new background color for this Wiki. The majority of votes say the site's colors should stay the same so they stay. Thanks for voting, as there will be another poll as soon as possible.

    Speaking of which, what are your ideas for a poll on the front page? Just keep in mind, that there can only be four choices in your poll, because I tried, and the coding won't go past that number.

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  • Timewhisker

    Removing Comments

    July 18, 2015 by Timewhisker

    Sorry, guys. I may need to convert the articles to using talk pages and not comments anymore. I just created a Community Portal for the Wiki and just realized it needs talk pages. How would you guys feel about this?

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