Hey, everyone this is what I've seen so far, and I don't like it. People have been making posts on the official warriors forums saying this or that about a character; Gillain answering a question, etc. People diss the Wikis for not being accurate and yet they're not adding any information here. Talk about hypocritical.

The point is people need to start adding information here and citing it. We've gotten a lot, A LOT of new information recently, and I don't know how much of it is here. I haven't checked. Just please make this into a encyclopedia and not some fan wish-washy thing that just floats around the internet, while everyone else just sits around and talk about some things that may or may not be true. The Survivors Wiki is a fact-based encyclopedia, while the official forums are for discussing things. The aim here is to make the Survivors Wiki the #1 place to go to when you want to look up a certain subject on the series. Anything else out there might not be accurate. Thank you for your time.

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