Hello, fellow Survivors fans!

Today, I have added a new catergory here: This is going to be a list of all articles currently finished as of today. I made this so editors can keep track of polished articles and people see what a finished page looks like. However, the only article currently added to this category isn't finished yet and is only a trial run. There are still more parts to be added to the detailed plot summary. Also, I wouldn't recommend adding another book to the category until The Empty City is finished.

This is how this is going to work: If there are any articles you think are finished, feel free to post them here so I can see if they can be added. If any articles are finished, they will remain in the catergory, until a new book is release. If new information has not been added in thirty-one days after the next book comes out, some articles will temporarily be removed from the category. If an article has full information, then it will be readded. To make things easier and smoother, I recommend adding to the articles in the category first, but that is your choice.

And just because articles are considered finished, doesn't mean you can't edit them anymore. You can change things around so it matches your own unique writing style.

What do you think? Are there ways to improve on this idea? Are there any parts you don't agree with? Discuss!

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