Hey guys, I know this seems sudden, I need to leave this Wiki. Right now, I am going through a technology withdrawal and it's been painful for me. However, I'm going to be a much happier person because of it. I may come back again, but it may be years before that happens. Who knows? If anyone who would like to help this Wiki sees this blog, here is the Wiki needs:

The Character boxes need to be fixed and maybe look like this:

Someone who understands the coding for the polls and won't make a mistake when they put it with the past polls.

Someone who edits the front page for the best of the Wiki.

Flight, you are the full Alpha of this Wiki if you wish. And thank you so much for contributing to the Wiki.

Reiko and Dogsrules, thank you so much for the support for the Wiki.

If any of you need help or want to ask questions, ask the Warriors Wiki, for they will gladly help you.

And now, I have been demoted.


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