Hello fellow Packmates! I decided to write this blog today, because I want you to make a choice. Something that might help you have a spoiler-free experience here at the wiki.

Instead of having e-book content on here like characters, chapters, etc, we could wait until Tales from the Packs come out. I'm not saying we should get rid of the e-book articles altogether such as Alpha's Tale. I'm saying we shouldn't add any more information to Sweet's Journey and Moon's Choice. Editors could still discuss the books on their respective pages, though.

If there are any more e-books, we can still announce them and add their summaries from the HarperCollins website. We just won't add the detailed plot summaries.

What do you think is a better choice? Do you want the wiki to wait for Tales from the Packs or add the content when the e-book first comes out? If we decide to wait for the paperback edition, should we add the detailed plots to Tales from the Packs, and/or add it to the three separate pages, Alpha's Tale, Sweet's Journey, and Moon's Choice?

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