With Storm of Dogs coming out in six months, I took this from my old account on the WCF. I would love to continue this, since I had abandoned this and thought it would ruin book sales. This blog post will reveal all that will happen in Storm of Dogs, so yes, this includes spoilers.

The Storm of Dogs

A long, long time ago, there was a dog named Lightning who was the fastest and most clever dog that ever lived; this earned him the respect of the Sky-Dogs. However, there was one dog who was jealous of him and that was the Earth-Dog. The Earth-Dog wished to kill Lightning, but he always fled from the earthquakes she created with her Growls.
One day, a great and terrible battle happened: the Storm of Dogs. Many dogs participated and died fighting over who would rule the world. Earth-Dog saw this as her chance to kill Lightning and let loose a Big Growl for him to fall into. Lightning fell into the chasm and just when he thought he would die, a great wind swooped him up toward the Sky-Dogs. Since then, Lightning lived with the Sky-Dogs and always raced back to the earth to taunt the Earth-Dog.
But it is said that when a dog displeases the Earth-Dog, another Storm of Dogs will occur. When the world is torn apart, every dog will have to fight for its very survival....

The Empty City

Lucky has woken up to something that will change his life forever: the beginnings of a Big Growl. The Big Growl has torn apart the world he had always known and lived in. It's clear some dog displeased the Earth-Dog, but who could it be?
Two nights later, Lucky has a dream. Dogs are fighting everywhere, tearing each other to pieces. When Lucky turns around to face the battle, he sees nothing but darkness and hears a dog falling to its death. Could it be Sweet?
After leading the Leashed Dogs away from the city, Lucky has another dream. He and Sweet are back in the Trap House and can hear trapped dogs. Sweet urgently guides him away, but Lucky can hear the sounds of pursuit behind him. A Pack of vicious dogs is chasing him and they are about to tear Lucky apart....
Lucky's third dream places him in the thick of a chaotic battle: the Storm of Dogs. Lucky gets his ear torn off by a dog. Bella is knocked over by a dog who is about to kill her. Sweet is fatally injured and dying. Blade and Dagger are fighting with all of their might, but they are soon overpowered. And several dogs are crushing little Daisy down to the ground. Lucky tries to rescue her, but he slips and falls on blood. A pool of blood mixed with poison. Then Lucky's eyes are filled with blood and death....

A Hidden Enemy

In a dream, Lucky can hear dogs fighting and screaming in agony. Two shadowy Alphas are facing each other, snarling at their Packs to kill. Lucky has an ear ripped off and sees no way to survive.

Darkness Falls

Coming this fall

The Broken Path

Coming this fall

The Endless Lake

Coming this fall

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