Thanks for contacting Wikia. I’m sorry to hear you’re having trouble with this admin. One of the things that we value at Wikia is that our sites are maintained by their communities, and each can be managed differently depending on the preferences of the users and the admins. The downside, though, can be that Wikia staff members typically don’t intervene in local disputes.
There are a few options you can consider. The best outcome would be for you and the admin to compromise and find a way to work together, that way the situation can be resolved without outside interference. If you feel that the admin shouldn’t be an admin anymore, though, you are free to propose that change in leadership on the wikia itself. Communities are in charge of their wikias, so communities get to decide whether an admin should stay or go.
You can also talk to other Wikia community members about the problem on our Wikia Community forums: or on our community chatroom found at Other members may have ideas on how to handle your particular situation, and that wikia can also serve as a neutral discussion place to talk with people from your own wikia if needed.
If these types of discussion fail, the best advice we can give would be to focus your efforts on another of the many thousands of communities on Wikia where your contributions can be appreciated more. I hope you’re able to resolve this. Please feel free to let us know if you need anything else.
Luis Castillo
Community Support

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