• Ultimate survivor fan 1


    September 4, 2014 by Ultimate survivor fan 1
    I was truly sad when lick told the wild pack that wiggle was dead. I got attached to the character too much and I almost cried when I found out he died. I think that Alpha was right about Blade coming back to kill them. But I don't think the wild pack can stay ahead of the fierce dog pack. I guess I will have to find out. When they go on there journey in book 4 I know that some of them will die. However I don't know who. Mabey, Dart, Alfie, Muclch and other minor characters like them. I just bought book 4 and I can't wait to read it on my free time. The cover of book 5 gives away some characters that survived book 4 like daisy, sunshine, and some more. Read more >