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Alpha's Tale, A Hidden Enemy

Weasels are fierce prey animals hunted in the Survivors series.


Wezsels have thin spines and tiny hind legs and teeth.[1] A stoat is characterized by its chestnut fur,[2] white underparts[3] and black tipped tail.[4]


In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

A weasel makes a small appearance in this book while during a hunting patrol. Snap catches a weasel that initially bares its teeth and stands its ground before fleeing into a rabbit burrow. Lucky thinks they lost the prey until Snap worms her way into the burrow and comes out with a stoat.

Alpha's Tale

Pup stalks a weasel, but pretends that he is stalking a great deer. The weasel sits up on its hind legs and sniffs the air for prey. Pup gets lost in thought as he thinks about his Name, and realizes that he has lost the weasel. Pup paces forward and sniffs for his prey, and spots it sniffing around a rabbit burrow hungrily. It doesn't see him coming, and Pup springs, snaps, and flings that weasel to the ground. It isn't dead yet and it bares its teeth, biting wildly at his paw, but Pup seizes its spine and crunches, feeling it go limp. Pup takes the weasel to Graceful. When they return to camp, Graceful tells him to put their prey on the prey-store, and Pup is happy as he carries his Mother-Wolf's rabbit and his weasel onto the prey-store.

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