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Alpha's Tale, Moon's Choice, Sweet's Journey, A Hidden Enemy, Darkness Falls, The Broken Path, The Endless Lake, Storm of Dogs

A Wolf-Dog is a breed mixed with that of a dog and wolf.[1]


Wolf-Dogs are characterized by many different factors. Although wolf-dogs appear like wolves, certain traits that are strictly dog-like can make them identified. But because of how diverse dogs are and wolves are, there is no absolute breed standard for a wolf-dog's appearance. Wolf-Dogs can be rated by how much (wolf) content they have. A high content wolf-dog is mostly wolf, as opposed to a medium content as roughly 50/50 or a low content with mostly dog.[2]
Wolves have yellow almond-shaped eyes, a common black-tipped tail, larger webbed feet than dogs, tufted furry ears and banded fur that both lies differently than dog fur and goes through changes as they mature.[3] They also have narrower chests, more curved and larger fangs, and long lanky legs.[4]
Traces of dog in a wolf-dog are blue eyes, pink nose and pawprints, and open white faces, pure-white pups, sock/bootie markings, or any sharply defined markings.[5] Some wolf-dogs have thin ears with little fur inside.[6]

Notable Wolf-Dogs


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Alpha, who at the time is known as Pup, is introduced as the only Wolf-Dog in his birth pack of wolves. He experiences harassment and bullying as a result of this, as shown when he bumps into a group of younger wolves. He, however, cannot challenge them because he lacks a Name. Earlier, as he placed a weasel by the caught prey, he overhears two senior wolves speaking poorly of him because he was a half-breed runt. They predict he would only be an Omega after his Naming Ceremony.
He is ordered by the Beta to stop fighting with wolves until he has this required Name that names him an adult. He is then told he can lose in any fight following this Naming Ceremony.
In his Naming Ceremony, the young wolf-dog is given the name "Dog," which is given mockingly and only added fuel to his bitterness towards his mistreatment. The half-dog wolf strives to prove himself to his pack as he climbs the ranks following his Naming Ceremony. He earns the rank of a hunter, and leads a hunting patrol out towards the Ranch. He is captured and lives among the Longpaw Fangs until escaping later. He later forms the Wild Pack with Fiery.

Moon's Choice

A Wolf-Dog, coming as the character Alpha, is mentioned when he encounters Moon's Pack. Although they do not know for sure his bloodlines, he is evidently wolfish. His powerfully built body and yellow eyes betray him as having more than a touch of wolf blood.

Sweet's Journey

Sweet encounters a half wolf who owned territory within a forest. The half wolf is described as a massive creature with rippling shades of grey, black and white in his shaggy fur. His voice is rumbling as he questions her. The Wolf-Dog's gaze is a piercing yellow glow.
After accepting Sweet, the half wolf is shown commanding his Pack. He controls his Pack, firmly reminding others, including his Beta, who is the boss of it. Eventually, the half wolf announces the duel between Sweet and his Beta. He banishes the red dog by the end of it, accepting Sweet as the new Beta.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

A Wolf-Dog appears as Alpha, leader of the Wild Pack. He leads the his Wild Pack against the Leashed Dogs, his pale eyes, savage teeth and shaggy fur reminding Lucky of a long forgotten memory where he first heard the wolf howls as a pup. Lucky mentions hearing tales of wolf-dogs, but hadn't seen one before.
The dog-wolf stared at Alfie, head cocked as the little dog barked at him furiously. He stood before the bulldog, before the smaller Leashed Dog attacked. He kills the smaller dog with only a single swipe of his massive paws. One of the dog-wolf's lieutenants is a swift-dog.
The Leashed Dogs grieve over the death caused by the Dog-Wolf. The Dog-Wolf is dangerous to the spy, Lucky. His death would come at the cost of his discovery by the Wolf-Dog.
Once he enters the Pack, the Dog-Wolf is mentioned to introduce several Pack-members. He is seen atop his rock, his hide warmed by the sun. His spot is reserved in the warmest and most prominent spot in the camp.
This Dog-Wolf carried a cold glint behind his eyes as he skeptically reviewed Lucky, who wanted to join. He's described as ill-tempered and lethal, disliking deception and disobeyed order within his Pack. Later on, when the Leashed Dogs rally a failed attack using foxes against the Wild Pack, the Wolf-Dog states that they have brought death to their camp. He demands the price of this act to be death, although he is swayed by his Pack-members to spare the leader of the Leashed Dogs, Bella.
The Dog-Wolf accepts the Leashed Dogs as a part of his Wild Pack.

Darkness Falls

A Wolf-Dog appears as Alpha, leader of the Wild Pack.

The Broken Path

A Wolf-Dog appears as Alpha, leader of the Wild Pack.

The Endless Lake

A Wolf-Dog appears as Alpha, leader of the Wild Pack. In this book, a half wolf fakes his death by the lighthouse. Due to his breed, he is able to swim to the shore with his webbed feet. The Wolf-Dog saves his life by joining the ranks of the Fierce Dogs.

Storm of Dogs

A Wolf-Dog appears in the Storm of Dogs, battling Lucky until he met his doom.


  • Wolf-Dog has also been called Dog-Wolf.[8][9][10]
    • Wolf-Dogs have also been called Half Wolfs.[11][12]
  • Although Wolf-Dogs are called hybrids, they are not true hybrids because a dog is only a subspecies of wolf.[13]

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