Wolves are not so very different from us, you know. They have four legs, and fur, and teeth. They're fast and strong and fierce, but they're wild and cunning and crafty too.
Lucky's Mother speaking about wolves to her pups in A Hidden Enemy, page 2

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Alpha's Tale, A Hidden Enemy,The Exile's Journey

A Wolf is a pack animal that appears in Survivors.


Wolves in Survivors are described as fierce, cunning, crafty and wild animals.[1] Stereotypically, they are considered less noble and honorable than dogs.[1] They are considered dangerous and untrustworthy, despite having a close connection to dogs that dates a long time ago.[2] Their howls are eerie,[3] and mournful.[4]
Real life wolves have coats ranging from gray, black to all-white. They tend to scavenge and eat hoofed animals (ungulates) like elk, deer, and caribou. However, smaller prey animals such as beavers fall under their diet, which is not picky. Wolves can live in groups of 7 to 8 animals. Their pack hierarchy usually consists of the Alpha breeding pair, pups and older offspring. Wolves are more active at dawn and dusk.[5]


In the Novellas

Alpha's Tale

Alpha's Tale includes the Wolf Pack that harbored the half-dog Alpha, who was at the time known as Pup. As Pup stalks a weasel and catches it, his mother Graceful, a wolf, congratulates him. The Mother-Wolf told her pup to let all the other wolves to see him carrying his prey to camp.
The wolves have regarded him with disgust at his half-dog roots as Fleet and Bold speak poorly of the "runt." Later on, a group of young wolves harass Pup although they are interrupted by the Beta. They are sent away while the Beta tells Pup that he must wait until his Naming Ceremony before he can challenge another wolf, or as he puts it, lose in any challenge.
The following night, after the wolves howl to the Great Wolf, the Naming Ceremony begins for Pup. The wolves are silent, unwilling to name the half-dog wolf. It's not until Quick speaks up and names them "Dog" do the wolves then laugh together, agreeing that the name fitted perfectly.
The wolves deal with longpaw hunters taking their prey, and depend on finding food by raiding the Ranch, where the Rancher and the Longpaw Fangs reside. A wolf patrol is sent down, thinking that the only dog protecting the sheep was old and wouldn't be able to defend them.
They are surprised, however, to find that the sheep are protected by the fierce Longpaw Fangs, a Pack of Fierce Dogs. The wolves are chased off, although Dog is left behind.
Later on, the wolves move their territory farther deep into the mountains, chased by the Fierce Dogs but already leaving on their own accord.

In the Original Series

A Hidden Enemy

In the prologue, Yap plays with a beetle, but when he hears an eerie howl, he stops playing with it and the fur runs back to where his littermates are, and asks if they heard it too. They respond that they did, and one exclaims that it was a scary dog, but Mother-Dog tells them that it wasn't a dog, but was a wolf. The word 'wolf' sends a tremor of fear through Yap's body, and his littermates are all nervous too. It does not sound like a nice word, but a word to be afraid of.
Mother-Dog tells them that there is no need to worry, and informs them that wolves are not that different from them, as they also have four legs, and fur, and teeth. She puts in that they are fast and strong and fierce, but are wild, cunning, and crafty too. Squeak bets that she could outsmart a wolf, but Mother-Dog tells her that dogs are clever and not devious.
Snip mentions that when it howled, it sounded like a dog, and Mother-Dog teaches the pups that wolves and dogs are connected, and the connection goes back a long, long time. She tells them that despite this, they cannot be trusted, and if they ever see a wolf, they must keep their distance and run if they have to. Yap asks why, and she responds that a wolf will sink its teeth into his flesh the moment he turns his back, and repeats to never get close to a pup. Mother-Dog reminds them that Nuzzle did, and regretted it, and retells for them the story of how Nuzzle was curious when she heard howling, and followed a pack of wolves, who would have killed her for spying had she not been Lightning's grandpup, and been saved by him.
After the story is finished, the howling echoes again, but Yap feels relaxed this time. He guesses out loud that they would be safe even if the wolf came, but Squeak reminds him that, as their mother had said, a wolf couldn't get them there. Mother-Dog agrees that the wolf would never come there, and as the pups go to sleep, Yap thinks that he will be smart and stay away from wolves. He feels safe and warm in the Pup Pack, and is glad hat he is safe, and far away from wolves.

When Lucky joins the Wild Pack, he begins to adapt to the wolf-like Wild Dog traditions of the Wild Pack. The ways of the wolf pack included challenging, where a pack member slept, their rank, and the Great Howl.


  • Wolves don't actually howl at the moon.[6]
  • Most breeding pairs remain mates for life.[7]


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