The Wolf Pack is a pack of gray wolves[1] appearing in Alpha's Tale. It is Alpha's birth Pack.[2]


The Wolf Pack is a pack of wolves that lived in a pine forest,[3] sitting comfortably in a snug and secure[4] sandstone-walled valley.[5] The Pack is noted to smell like milk-warm pups, the previous night's prey, and sagebrush, juniper, and pine resin.[6] As of Alpha's Tale, the Wolf Pack is last observed migrating deeper into the mountains.[7]

Nearby Territory

There's a rural Longpaw settlement that hunts the deer that live there is along their territory's edge.[8] They hunt the sheep at ranches such as the longpaw Rancher during times of hardship because of competition with longpaw hunters. Hunting of the sheep at the longpaw ranch(along with other predators like coyotes[9]) prompted the use of Longpaw Fangs as protectors of the sheep to patrol regularly.[10] In times of famine and struggle, the wolves travel farther from their valley and can attack the longpaw ranch.[8]
There is a neighboring pack that the Wolf Pack competes with known as the Far-Cliff Pack.[11]

The Camp

The Wolf Pack camp is in a small[5] sandstone-walled valley.[5] It has rocky ledges, slabs of sandstone jutting out and overhangs that wolves are seen resting on, basking, playfighting in pairs, or nibbling fleas and ticks from each other's fur.[5] Nearby the camp is a river in a canyon.[12]


The Wolf Pack stores their prey in the prey-store, a small cavern beneath the rocks.[5] There is a sandstone overhanging the cavern, jutting out where wolves can rest on.[5]


The Wolf Pack diet confirmed so far consists of elk,[5] weasels,[13] rabbit,[13] sheep,[12] and mountain goats.[13]


The Wolf Pack has its own set of ceremonies and god-like entities, such as the Great Wolf. Since the Wild Pack was founded by Alpha, former member of the Wolf Pack, much of the Naming Ceremony is similar in comparison.
The Naming Ceremony asks for a member of the pup's family to kill a white rabbit to be skinned.[14] The pup sits upon the pelt and waits for the pack to name them.[15] However, no mother or sire of the pup is allowed to name the young wolf.[15] Sometimes wolves fight over which name is the best while some names match the wolf as easily as a second pelt.[15]
The Great Wolf seems to be the main god-like figure of the wolves. The Great Wolf is associated with the afterlife[16] and wolves who die will be sent to her caverns. Whereas during the Great Howl when dogs howl to specific spirit-dogs, wolves howl only to the Great Wolf to have her run through their dreams.[14] Wolves ask of blessings from the Great Wolf.[14]


  • The Wolf Pack might encounter the Wild Pack on their travels.[17]

See Also

The Wolf Pack
Alpha (rank): Alpha (AT)

Beta (rank): Beta (AT)

Members: Bold, Fleet, Noble, Quick, Wise, Brave, Daring, Strident

Omega: Omega (AT)

Former Members: Graceful, Alpha

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