He lost his head. And Zorro thinks he's so smart.
Calamity to Wolf on Zorro in Alpha's Tale, page 53
Longpaw Fangs[1]
Training Farm[2]
Doberman Pinscher[3]
Names Beta: Zorro[1]
Family Unknown
Rank Positions
Rank Beta[1]
Book Appearances
Living Alpha's Tale
Dead N/A

Zorro is a slender,[5] sleek,[6] black-and-brown male[1] with a shining coat[5] and ears trimmed to an erect point.[6]


In the Novellas Arc

Alpha's Tale

Zorro is the Beta of the Longpaw Fangs. He is in the clash between the Wolf Pack, and the Longpaw Fangs. He, along with the other Longpaw Fangs, capture Dog and leave him for the Rancher.
Later on, Zorro is introduced by Sundance to the imprisoned Dog. He and the rest of his Pack chase off the Wolf Pack, who are fleeing to the mountains. Once they return from the hunt, Zorro doubts Dog when he claims that the Wolf Pack would be returning to rescue him. He also recalls the she-wolf they killed, knowing the wolf was his mother, Graceful. The Fierce Dog notes that the wolf was dragging behind as if she didn't want to leave. Zorro watches Dog arrogantly and continues before revealing the identity of the she-wolf, waiting for Dog's reaction. Zorro continues to talk about the wolf they killed, how she didn't beg but kept asking what happened to her pup. Zorro is with Sundance and the others when they enrage the now grieving half-wolf.
Zorro and the others turn contemptuously and pace out of the barn. He and the rest of the Longpaw Fangs appear again when Dog begins his training with the Rancher. Zorro and Sundance snipe meat nuggets from Wolf's food dish as he eats from his food bowl after he receives more food and is allowed to sleep in the barn with the other wolves. Zorro growls that Wolf should sleep in a dirt heap when Calamity offers a place on the cushion for him to lay on.
Moons later, after a long day of herding, Zorro makes his way back to the shed under the pale moon's sharp light. He is gossiped about by Calamity and Wolf, who talk about the ewe who tricked him. Inside the shed, Zorro heels for the Rancher with the others before Wolf receives his first guard duty.
When a coyote sneaks in and snatches a chicken, Zorro and Belle take down the escaping coyote and rip the thief to pieces. He and the other Longpaw Fangs surround Wolf and Calamity for failure in their most solemn duty.
Zorro helps pin Wolf down to receive his scarring punishment after Wolf and Calamity fail to kill the coyote thief. Zorro and Belle are thrown off after Wolf's painful punishment is given, and they wrestle Wolf down to stop him from interfering. Zorro releases Wolf after he witnesses Calamity's own scarring punishment, which Zorro is not needed in. Later on, Zorro and the others chase Wolf as he tries to escape the Ranch, only to see him race to freedom.


  • The name "Zorro" means fox in Spanish.[7]
  • Gillian thinks that Zorro and the other Longpaw Fangs are still alive somewhere.[8]


"I don't think she couldn't run. She was dragging behind, that's all. Kept staring back, like she didn't want to leave. So it was her own fault Sundance brought her down. Isn't that right, Boss?"
—Zorro to Dog and Sundance after Graceful is killed Alpha's Tale, page 39

"He should sleep in a dirt heap."
—Zorro to Calamity about Dog Alpha's Tale, page 49

Calamity: "Did you see how Zorro let that ewe play him for a fool?"
Wolf: "The ewe wasn't even that smart. All she had to do was pin herself in the corner. He didn't have a clue what to do except bark like an idiot."
Calamity: "He lost his head. And Zorro thinks he's so smart."
—Calamity and Wolf about Zorro Alpha's Tale, page 49

"This is my family. The Rancher. Sundance and Zorro and Belle. Whatever else they are, they're my Pack."
—Calamity to Wolf about Zorro and her Pack Alpha's Tale, page 59

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